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1 year ago

How to Use Skype for Free

The advancements in Internet technology has given us many good things to use and enjoy on the web. Few years ago, no one would have ever thought about a technology which would allow a person to use the Internet for audio and video calling. But now this technology is widely used all over the world for personal and professional communication. Today, you will find a wide range of service providers which offer this Internet calling facility.

2 years ago

5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

Not too long ago, observers on the Internet were witnessing Twitters revolutionary early days and the cautious caveat emptor notice about Facebook disguised as Academy Award-winning The Social Network. Now theres Pinterest for the DIY-inclined, LinkedIn for the professional, Tumblr for teenage thinkers, Instagram for millennials exploring their FOMO, and even dating services doubling as social networking sites.

Its been a few years since its been just social networking, now its social media. Its our media landscape. Its mass communication. And heres where its heading and what it means for bu